About Me

I am a Senior Front-End Developer / UX Designer with over 12 years of experience in this particular platform. My expertise lies on defining, designing, developing, and deploying websites. My other expertise lies of cross-browser compatibility, standards compliant, and responsive for any device. I like to play around with HTML and CSS. I like to work with flash 2d animation, banners, menus and integrate into high definition websites. I’m expert in complicated wordpress projects and like to solve critical problems. I’m a deadline driver coder who likes challenges and win the war. I write hand-coded, accessible, and valid semantic markup as well as clearly ordered and documented CSS for desktop and mobile websites.

I am passionate about UX design, user engagement, and interaction patterns for data driven websites and mobile applications.

I collaborate with clients to determine user needs, requirements and goals to design positive user experiences and interfaces for both web and mobile applications/sites. I am experiences in client handling from different places of the Earth and hence I ended up with learning different choices of different people from different places.